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Borderline Outfitters offers premier South Texas Whitetail Deer hunting, as well as Rio Grande Turkey, Aoudad, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis, hogs and predators.  With access to three ranches totaling over 12,000 acres between Uvalde and Del Rio, we hope to provide any hunter a memorable experience for years to come.

We are headquartered on a 2,300 acre ranch south of Highway 90, approximately 15 miles southeast of Brackettville.  The ranch was named Pavo, tex-mex spanish for peacock, after an old railroad switch track / loading pens which borders the ranch, between the major highway route of the time and Spofford.  Arenosa Creek runs through the middle of the ranch providing excellent watering holes for wildlife and plentiful roosts for turkey.  All three ranches are on the break of the Texas Brush Country and the South Texas Mesquite Flats, giving the aspects and feel of both, as well as the benefits of both types of terrain and vegetation. 

While managing the whitetail deer herd, along with other wildlife, we limit the number of animals of each species harvested on an annual basis.  Whitetail bucks are further limited by categories, either trophy or management.  Management bucks are generally older in age, usually 8 points or less, with undesirable characteristics. 

All three ranches are low fenced, thus all hunts are fair chase.  Two of the three ranches host the exotics, including the lone zebra photographed above, which has grown particularly fond of the cattle in recent years.  The exotics have been roaming into the ranches in the past few years and have established decent populations.  None the less, it always provides a variety of wildlife to view while being in the outdoors. 

We look forward to hearing from you this upcoming season. 

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